It's a minefield isn't it - one costs 3-4k for the day and another cost £250 for the day! - WHAT?

How can there be such a difference in price I hear you wail into your first brew of the morning! Well, the normal answer is, you get what you pay for... but the true answer is - it depends on what your budget will allow. 

Now I am a wedding photographer so I will tell you how important your wedding photographs are...you will already have heard something like, Once the cake has been eaten and dancing has finished - you're left with each other, your wedding rings & your memories captured by your photographer. Which is true - (You're probably left with lots of other things too - but let's not split hairs) 

So - when you budget for your wedding photos, don't just stick a pin in the air and say yeah that'll do. Research what you want, do you want all posed photos, do you want whimsical and romantic, do you want funny, do you want unobtrusive, do you want a little mix of all of this? Do you want only a few hours, full-day, the whole godamn weekend?  🙌

So many people see the photographer as someone who sweeps in, snaps a few shots, smiles (or doesn't in some cases - weird) goes home, uploads them, job is done...........No

There's a lot more to it than that. You need to understand what it is that you want, what style, You'll find someone you really want. - even if you end up going over budget. 

Many couples book their photographer at least a year in advance; some photographers willl offer a discount if you pay in full up-front - there’s no harm in asking politely if that's the case.


If you don’t have a huge budget for photography, you can look into hiring a photographer to cover part of your day, to reduce the cost.

Maybe you would be happy with bridesmaids and groomsmen taking candid shots of the bride & groom preparations. Maybe you just want professional photos of the ceremony, the speeches, and the cutting of the cake. If so, ask photographers if they offer a half-day package or an hourly rate.

However, do be prepared that shorter shooting times aren't always financially viable for wedding photographers - many will only offer a full-day package.


Most photographers these days will offer a basic package that will include their time, remember that's not just shooting on the day, it's the editing time too, an online gallery for you to be able to download the photos. 

Anything like Engagement Shoots, USBs, Albums, etc will be extra.

Who To Choose...

The skills you want in a wedding photographer aren't just about taking pictures.

You want someone who has shot plenty of weddings and can understand which details to capture, as well as knowing how to get the best out of people, to arrange group shots, deal with guests who don't like having their photo taken, be unobtrusive on the day and carry out the editing afterward, among many, many other wedding-specific skills.

Don't forget the photographer shadows you all day, so it's really important to speak and meet with them beforehand, whether it be at an online meeting or face to face. It's really important that you connect. There job isn't just on the day - it's how the edit afterwards too. 

Weddings are expensive days and most, admittedly not all, but most people only do it once, make sure you have the memories at the end of it that you want. 

Finally, enjoy your day x

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