Behind the Lens

Hey, Thanks for visiting me here at my “about me’ page. Honestly, I can talk about myself no problem, but writing it down has been waaaay harder than I thought it would be. Hopefully you won’t be bored halfway through!

I am a totally non-serious person, I want to hear all about your day, but I also want to hear all about you both, how you met? What’s your favourite thing to do? Family? Pets? Favourite pastime?

I’m not nosey, I just like to know what’s going on…….

I started doing photography in 2007, Jon, my husband bought me a digital camera (small one) so I decided to goto college and learn how to use it properly. Literally that was it, I caught a photography bug!

Nope this isn’t a “wow, I discovered myself” post, it literally was as simple as that. At school, I never knew what I wanted to do, I fell into working in finance (that’s how I met my husband), it wasn’t for me but until then I didn’t know what was.

My Life….

I live in Shavington, near Nantwich with my husband, Jon, my two children, Jack & Olivia, my two dogs, Leo and Lucy and my cat (when she wants to actually sit with me), Mop. (I didn’t name her….)

We moved here 11 years ago and have been through various decorations and extensions to get it how we want it, I don’t think you ever get there though, I still look around and say hmm next year we will do this and that…Never happy haha.

I live with a camera in my pocket! Whether I’m out shooting with my big cameras, my small digital or my phone, i’m always shooting something! Don’t be surprised if I suddenly whip my phone out of my pocket on your wedding day for a selfie! Stick your tongue out, pull a funny face and we are good to go!

My Work

I trained with a fantastic wedding photographer, Peter Warburton, he was an amazing mentor & an amazing friend.

 He encouraged my passion for photography and the lessons he taught me will never leave me. I still go through the same checklist now which he would probably laugh at me for! 

Over the years I have photographed all sorts & I’ve enjoyed myself, but my real love is photographing weddings & lifestyle so last year I made the business decision to focus on those.

My approach is natural and relaxed, i know, we all say that don't we....but this is why i speak to you before the wedding so i know exactly what you're looking for, everyones different and every wedding is different, so it's not for me to say "Right this is what i do" and thats it. 

I’ll definitely spend lots of time chatting, so by the time bridal make up is done, I’ll know all about your hen do (the bits you didn’t spill) and all about your bridesmaids! I insist on a wedding meeting, please don’t just book me because you like my photos (although thanks if you were going to do that)

I shadow you all day, but not in a creepy way! 

So…Why book me?

Well, I hope that now you know a little more about me, you’ll feel at ease with me.

I have made THE best friends through my wedding photography, i've had so much fun and i think one of the biggest compliments i get is when they say 

"Everyone said how much they loved you, how relaxed you made them feel and how amazing the photos are, we love them, thank you so much for capturing such special moments"

For me, i nailed both jobs there, to make everyone feel relaxed  and get the photos they wanted to remember their day for years to come. 

And that is exactly what i want to do for you. 

I will always speak with you just before your wedding, whether that be a call or an in person meeting. It's really important to me that we have that connection. 

I fully enjoy banter with your guests, I cannot resist it! I shoot anything, it’s not just about recording you both standing at the lake looking at each other (I totally will shoot that) however I also shoot what you’re not seeing. My job is to capture the memories of the day you do not see.


Nobody is safe, don’t warn them, that’s no fun!

Babies Born Sleeping - Mid Cheshire Leighton Hospital 

I volunteer for a wonderful hospital & I provide remembrance photography to families after the loss of their baby.

Personal experience with my own health and the amazing care i have received at Leighton Hospital with my own life gave me the reason to photograph precious moments that can mean so much to families after a loss.
To be able to have beautiful photographs of their little ones and forever hold on to them. 

It is an honour to give such a gift to families.

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