Amazing Confetti Shots...

It's extremely rare that i photograph a wedding and there isn't any confetti, in my opinion every wedding should have this lovely tradition included.

It's fun, It's colourful, it's crazy & a happy moment which brings everyone together and, of course, they make beautiful photographs. 

I'm often asked "When and how is the best way to have our confetti photos?"

So here is a helpful guide & a little bit of background as to where the confetti tradition comes from....

Where does the tradition come from?

Confetti throwing dates back to early pagan times.

The throwing of confetti over newlyweds was seen as a "fruitful togetherness" and it was believed that the throwing of seeds over the couple would promote fertility.  

Grains and rice were thrown, which in these days have now been replaced with coloured pieces of paper and more often now biodegradable, also teared up dried flowers have become more popular. 

As well as things like bubbles, sparklers, the waving of flags....

But Why...

Well, where else can you have the true, pure pleasure of walking through a tunnel, hand in hand ,with your new wife/husband and there be hundreds & thousands of pieces of colourful paper and (hopefully) confetti cannons. 

This is one of the happiest shots i take, it brings everyone together, adults and kids alike enjoy the wonder of the swirling colours, capturing those smiles and laughter is a complete joy. 

1. Where Should We Do The Confetti Photo

If you have a church wedding, double check with them in your meeting if they allow the throwing of confetti, most do, but usually they ill request it is thrown outside the church gates (this is so it's not having to be cleared up by them and won't blow back into the doors) 
If it's not a church wedding, most venues will also request the same, outside and further away from the doors. 

Also check with them, if it' a rainy day, is there a place inside that can be dedicated to the confetti shot! 

2. When Will We Do The Confetti Photo?

After the ceremony I always advise my couples to take a few moment t yourself, celebrate your marriage vows, say hello to each other properly. 

I will gather your guests for the group photos and also advise that we will do the confetti shot just after. You decide if you would like a free for all or if you'd like me to ask them to make two lines for you to walk through. Both are lovely, it's totally up to you. 

3. What type of confetti works best & how much do we need?

Short answer - all types of medium size and get LOADS & LOADS of it! 

When you think of your confetti shot, think big, you want a lot of confetti, a lot of colour and a medium size.
Too small and you won't see it properly, too big and it won't work properly. 

Traditionally and perhaps my favourite is the hearts, bells and horseshoes,  but theres all sorts now, confetti cannons are fab - make sure you know which way the wind is blowing! So are petals if you prefer something more natural

It doesn't matter which you opt for so long as when you get it you get LOADS! 

4.  Who should give out the confetti and how?

Guests generally don’t bring their own confetti to weddings these days, so I would recommend arranging your own in advance.

As your guests are leaving the ceremony, designate a bridesmaid or usher to hand out the confetti and ask them to keep hold of it until we are ready.

 Theres lots of ways for confetti to be given out but all you need is a large basket full to the brim, guests can take large handfuls out!   (just make sure you have enough). 

Cones are cute but a) not kind to the environment and b) instead of tipping the confetti into their hands, guests tend to launch the confetti from the cone and in turn (without thinking) the confetti doesn't launch properly and you get the tips of the cones in when all we want is you, your guests and a shit load of confetti! 

Large basket

Shit loads of confetti 



Don't even bother booking the venue!

I joke, of course....but make sure you give them a hard stare...

I'll be honest, i have never had this happen but i have heard other photographer's say their wedding couple weren't allowed. 

So make sure you check and double check, if the answer is a definite no, then look at alternatives, bubbles, bubble guns work really well, flags to wave, streamers, paper planes, tinkling bells and dare i say it - birdseed - throw it gently people! 


Your guests will (understandably) find the idea of throwing confetti right at your face - COMPLETELY HILARIOUS...
 But ideally what you want is for them to throw it high above you as you walk past so that it falls nicely. Best bet is to delegate a bridesmaid or groomsmen – ideally the same one(s) handing out the confetti – to advise people of this when they grab some. 

Also it’s great if some can throw before the couple get to them so that there is a really pretty shower in front of my lens.

I will instruct your guests to do this as well but if you have a designated confetti hander outer that would help! 


Getting bombarded with confetti is an unusual and fun experience,  it’s understandable to look down and try to shelter your face, but i really really need you to keep your face up and full of happiness!

Equally, if you pull strange faces (e.g. get confetti in your mouth so screw up with your tongue out trying to remove it) that’s all I’m going to be able to capture, so just try your hardest to love every minute and laugh at the chaos.

Smile at your partner, laugh with your guests, stop for a kiss halfway,  I want to see all of your happiness with the biggest, joyful screams so don’t hide – embrace the moment!


Don't be restricted by time, i normally do the confetti shot straight after the group shot, it makes sense as everyone is there, however If you’d also like a confetti moment to happen the hour before sunset when the light is lovely and golden (weather depending) then go for it.

Prefer it to be on the dance floor just after your first dance - no problem. - in fact top tip - do this anyway and make sure you have allocated confetti cannons to a groomsman and bridesmaid to pop when guests least expect it - they will love it and so will you! 

If on the day the weather isn’t great then you can always decide to change this, it takes max. 10 mins in total from organising to throwing so won’t upset anything. 

Ok so your guests may be a little bit worse for wear & tipsy but hey, that’ll make it all more entertaining! 


Enjoy it - whatever happens - however you decide to throw the confetti or rather have the confetti thrown at you - just enjoy it. This is YOUR wedding day and it's meant to be magical, everything you've dreamed of, everything you wanted. 
So take a deep breath, smile and get ready! 

If you are planning your wedding, I would absolutely love to be your photographer and capture the story of the day for you to treasure in years to come. Please get in touch here

Nic x

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