Yes you Should 

is the short answer! Whhhhhhy I hear you ask. Biggest reason - you can have all of your wedding photos in one place, no im not talking about the ones your wedding photographer will take - (Me! pick me!) 

I mean the uncut raw versions your guests will take! The ones that people take on their phones and then forget about, to forever be automatically upload to their google photos and deleted from their phone! 

Give your # hashtag # out to your wedding guests and let the online wedding album commence...

So, where do you start?

How do you choose a wedding hashtag thats unique to you, easy to remember and hard to forget! 

Below are my top tips on finding your wedding hashtag! 

1. The Best Hashtag...

You don't have to have the best hashtag ever! You don't have to have the funniest, (although it could be)..

You need the one thats most memorable you both! For example, It could include just your wedding date, (but remember there won't just be you tying the knot that day!) 

So try to think of a way it could be unique to you both! 

2. Start With The Basics

Yes i know thats a bit obvious but you have to start here...

I recommend that you make a list of everything that might be relevant & unique to you, include in your hashtag. This about including the following:

  • Your first names
  • Your surnames
  • Your new, marital name (are you double-barreling your new names?)
  • The date of your wedding
  • The name of your venue
  • The location of your venue
  • The theme of your wedding
  • The date your first met

    So they are the obvious things.... Now think about what makes you unique...Are you huge fans of dogs? Are you jokers? What do people know you for?

You want your hashtag to be easily remembered by your wedding guests for years to come? 

Enlist the help of your bridesmaids and groomsmen to help you come up with ides! The funnier the better! The more unique to you the better!

3. Brainstorm! 

Write it down! Whatever you're thinking, get it down on paper! 

The worse thing you can do, is come up with a few funny ones and then forget them! Just get all of your ideas down on good old fashion paper. 

As well as your bride tribe, involve family and friends - spread your sources wide! It's like cake - you can never have to many pieces of that either! 

4. Check - Now Check Again! 

By now, you’ve probably got quite an extensive list of potential hashtags, but you need to make sure they haven’t been used before - you don't want your wedding attached to someone elses! 

Go to your Instagram and search your potential hashtags,  If they’ve already been used, cross them off the list! Don't be tempted to add a . or a random number. People won't remember to use it. 

Who wants other people’s weddings appearing on their social media feed?

5. Review Your List

Now that you’ve got a shortlist of hashtags, you should go through them all and ask yourself a few questions:-

  • Is the hashtag memorable? Your guests are more likely to use unique hashtags than generic ones.
  • Is it easy to say? Make sure it rolls off the tongue!
  • Does it read clearly or do all the words merge into one? Capitalisation will help with this – more on that later.
  • Is the hashtag short enough? Remember, it needs to easily fit on weddings signs, and the longer your hashtag is, the more likely people are to make a typo.
  • Does it have any rude or unwanted connotations?
  • Is it unique enough that it won’t get used again? Maybe not ever, but at least within the next few months.
  • Is every word easy to spell?

6. Choose Your Favourite

Don't overthink it, if there is one that calls out to you - use it! So long as you've done your checks and there isn't another being used, it's unique to you. 

Use it! 

Share It! 

Share it, share it and share it again! 

You're only using it once right! So get it shared everywhere! Use it at the bottom of your wedding email and ask your suppliers that you choose to use it too! 
Share it on your social media - err instagram! 
Share it on anything you have printed for the wedding... 

* Invitations
* Table Places
* Wedding Websites
* Your Guest Book
* Photo Booth Props
* Table Number Signs
* Have a special sign made up 

I've put a few examples of signs below for you! 

This beautiful wedding design is simple and personally designed for you from Wedding Cards UK. 

These gorgeous kraft lace wedding cards are perfect for your wedding breakfast tables to remind everyone to upload their gorgeous photos from your day! You can purchase these from Ginger Ray Store

This beautiful wooden wedding sign can be personalised with your own hashtag to mark your day. These can be used on your wedding breakfast tables or randomly placed throughout your venue. Purchase these from Manta Makes!

Wedding signs not you thing?? What about a customisable banner? A foil one at that! At Artigar Uk you can choose your hastag name and colour of your banner! 
Hang it up wherever you choose to and EVERYONE can see it! Zero excuse not to share their photos! 

Thats a wrap! 

So there you have it! Get yourself a hashtag for the day! I've popped a few ideas down below to get you started... 😉

You can use a random hashtag generator to...
Try these👇 out! 


eWedding’s Free Wedding Hashtag Generator

Shutterfly’s Wedding Hashtag Generator

And also - because I'm super nosey! Let me know what hashtag you choose for your wedding! x









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